BrugWaarde helps its clients to identify/recognise opportunities for improving quality, efficiency and effectiveness, and to seize those opportunities to deliver increased shareholder/customer value.
Our main areas of expertise are Management, Finance, Chain Management, Human Resource, and Operations.

BrugWaarde delivers:

  • Realisation of change within your vision and goals
  • Balance between costs and benefits
  • Better synergy between your departments
  • A more flexible/responsive organisation
  • Responsibilities at the right levels and places
  • Efficient working processes and higher and controllable quality
  • Optimal communication

Your business:

Cooperation with an eye for detail

What you prefer to achieve:

  • you prefer peace instead of turmoil in your organisation
  • You prefer to move your organisation and staff to a higher level
  • You prefer responsibilities at the right place
  • You prefer a manageable organisation
  • You prefer sustainable results
  • You prefer to get those results from your staff
  • You prefer the benefits to exceed the costs

You want results now

Add value to your organisation by implementing bridges

Basis for support

Projects executed by BrugWaarde are successful because of our approach right from the start. BrugWaarde ensures that it comprehensively understands the operating environment and the challenges faced, and then focuses completely on creating a large basis of support for change within your organisation. A critical success factor is to create an understanding across the organisation that change is not a threat but an opportunity. All participants need to be convinced of the importance of these changes for the organization and themselves.

Coaching at the shop-floor

If one directly sees and experiences the benefit of the improvement, it will lead to embedding that change. This method has a more optimal result than forced change.

That is why we work on a very personal level. BrugWaarde will join the person/party concerned during several working days to completely analyse the actual processes, with respect for the privacy of the patients. In the analysis we stimulate the personal contribution of the person/party concerned.

Cultural change

Cooperation on ONE joint concern: YOUR values and vision.
BrugWaarde reaches that time after time by individual and team training where all parties concerned are represented.

Obstacles are identified, addressed and removed in these workshops.

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Sustainable result embedded in teams

Patient logistics

BrugWaarde will analyse the entire patient logistics WITH you from the first call until the end of the treatment. Together with your staff we will visualise the complete working process, including communication and information transfer.

The execution team will consist of your own staff, that will be trained and supported by BrugWaarde. Following this phase, your staff will identify and recognize all disruptions and solve them without any hesitation. As well your organization and your patients will fully benefit from this improvement.

ER planning

How do you use your ER? Just like a pit-stop in Formula 1 racing, preparation is crucial. That means that all elements need to be in line.

The average improvement in capacity realised by your staff under guidance of BrugWaarde, is between 10 and 15%.


Relation MD’s & Nursing

Both patient and organisation benefit from an optimal relation and information flow between doctors and nursing staff.

Next to that, there is a direct relation between this cooperation and in-patient accommodation.

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Commercialising care does not only mean there is a different financial situation. Every aspect changes: patient becomes client. This particularly means large changes for all patient related staff. From customer relation until organisational marketing and finance, BrugWaarde has the expertise to support you.

Working Method


Our working method is clear and straight forward as you can see in our image on the right.

Your staff is involved in every step, from analyses to result. The plans, including goals and schedule, will be presented by your staff.

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BrugWaarde does not stop with the identification of improvements and/or Financial result. Our focus is on the realisation of that!

It is all about making your organisation prosper and realising the opportunities.

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BrugWaarde trains, guides and coaches your staff towards pro-active behaviour.

It is of vital importance to describe responsibilities in agreement with your management.

Thanks to the realised cultural change, your organisation will continuously improve the service to your patients/clients.

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BrugWaarde delivers:

  • Efficient change management in Care
  • Cost reduction through more efficient accounting and better use of means.
  • Clear process, responsibilities and communication to reach a reduction in probability of failure.
  • Acceleration of the primary process through a clear reduction of delays and lead times.
  • A higher quality level in the relevant departments through error reduction.
  • Greater flexibility, because new cooperations are arranged more quickly and easily.